ImageLinks - Online Interactive Image Builder
{{appData.fn.hotspots.getLabel(appData, hotspot);}}
Set Image
Get Code
Load From File
Save To File
Set the full url for the image.
Image Url
Choose a theme from the list.

You can create your own theme too and add it in the plugin folder for later use.
Enable or disable the animation in the mobile browsers.
Mobile Animation
Set popover settings. They are common for all popover instances.

We recommend do not change the popover template without having some knowledge.
Popover Settings
Show Popovers
Popover Placement
Popover Show Trigger

Popover Hide Trigger

Popover Show CSS3 Class
Popover Hide CSS3 Class
Popover HTML Template
  • {{appData.fn.hotspots.getLabel(appData, hotspot);}}
Use the target tool to quick create a hotspot and it's location on the image.

When the target tool is ON click on the image and you will get a new hotspot.
Target Tool State
Use this options to set the hotspot's starting x and y location.

If you want to change the location of the selected hotspot, just click on the hotspot and drag it or use arrow keys.
Hotspot Location
X %
Y %
Use this option to set hotspot settings. You can define your own style for hotspot with images, icons, text and etc.
Hotspot Settings
Hotspot title
Hotspot Image (otherwise the plugin uses a theme icon)
Image Custom Width (px)
Image Custom Height (px)
Link URL
Open Link in New Window
Advanced Options
Hotspot Custom Class Name
Hotspot HTML Content
Use this options to set popover settings.
Popover Settings
Show Popover
Popover Content
Popover Placement
Popover Custom Width (px)