The file manager php script


EasyFile is used to manage files and folders via web interface. It’s a simple script, it supports: create folder, multiple upload files, delete, cut and copy files and folders. The script powered by Angularjs & CodeIgniter, also the package contains only php realization without any framework. You can customize interface by changing the style file (css or less). The script can be deployed easily. It runs on all modern browsers.

The following video movie will show you the plugin work on a test site. This video is a quick overview. Please use our contact form if you have any further questions.


  • CodeIgniter and pure PHP versions
  • Simple & Clean Design
  • Delete, Cut and Copy Files & Folders Operations
  • Multiple Upload Files
  • No Database Needed
  • Theme customization
  • Full Source Code
  • Easy Integration
  • Help via Email
  • and so more..


Go straight into action and open a standalone version of demo and view its work.

Use login: demo, password: demo.

How To Use

The CodeIgniter framework should have RewriteEngine ON, because it uses MVC pattern.
  • Upload the entire easyfile folder to your website hosting directory
  • Setup the parameter "base_url" in your [plugin]/application/config/config.php file
    $config['base_url'] = 'http://yoursite.com/'
  • Set read/write permissions to the folder [plugin]/upload
  • Set the login and password in your [plugin]/application/config/easyfile.php file
  • Test the plugin