Avirtum – Web Agency


Who I am

My name is Max Lawrence and I am self-employed as a web designer & developer working with clients worldwide. Avirtum is my web agency through which I provide my services. I work as a software developer and my goal is to provide a powerful and user-friendly way to help people working. My other passions include basketball, ski running and my wonderful family. When I’m not in front of my PC I am hanging out with my beautiful wife and kids.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring high quality, free and affordable premium products for you to download that you can’t get anywhere else. We have web applications, website templates, jquery plugins and many more. We also provide a list of premium products and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

Get In Touch

Please contact us in the following cases:

  • send us your feedback/report about our products/services
  • you want to hire us
  • you have pre-sale questions

If you want to get technical support, please email us at avirtum@gmail.com, we will help you.

Our Services
We provide a range of services from website design & development that improve the quality of life of our customers

After Sale Support

If you faced any problem or have a question about our products use our contact form.

100% Responsive

All our products are fully responsive made for mobile devices and looks perfect on any screen resoluion.


Our products have a lot of useful options, so you can easy customize it for your needs.